Alicia Villarreal at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas

Alicia Villarreal

A legendary stage fit for a legendary performer! Alicia Villarreal, a Latin Grammy nominee, will be back at the McAllen Performing Arts Center for another exhilarating concert performance. The famous Texas venue will be filled with powerful music and heartwarming lyrics from the Mexican singer-songwriter this September 7. If you have enjoyed the songs from her latest album, "Desamor y Despecho," like "Malabares," "Sentiments De Carton," and "Amiga Soledad," to name a few, this concert is a must-attend. Get down with the music that moves you by joining hundreds of other fans in singing and dancing. Immersing yourself to Villarreal's artistry, stage presence, and tremendous vocals is the best thing to do on this memorable Saturday evening. So book your tickets as soon as possible because tickets will likely sell out soon. If you want to solidify your love for Alicia's music by witnessing her perform live, all you have to do is click the "Get Tickets" link. Receive $5 off your initial purchase just for signing up for our newsletter! Grab one for you and your friends today.

The former member of the mid-90s Norteño and Tejano group Grupo Límite, Alicia Villarreal, has announced her dates to set her 2024 tour! The “Donde Todo Comenzó” tour will be journeying across the United States, Mexico, and Central and South America! Alicia Villarreal is once again breaking out a storm for a year to celebrate her astounding career. The Grammy nominee and winner of two Latin Grammy awards is ready to take the stage and summon the energy of a 20-year-worth career across the ages. Experience once more in a new passion Villarreal’s greatest hits of the decades. “Where It All Began” is going to relive Villarreal’s career as a leader of a breakout Mexican group and as a powerful one-woman performer on stage.

Her artistry made her known as the singer and performer of her own iconic style of traditional Mexican music. Releasing over a dozen studio albums and collaborating with some of the top Latin artists in the industry, Villarreal has sold over 10 million copies of her albums throughout her professional career. After her exit from Grupo Límite in 2001, the performer surprised her fans with her experimentation and casual shift of artistry from Norteño and Tejano musical style into a more precise showcase of natural Mexican sound. “Orgullo de Mujer” was released in 2006 and skyrocketed to #8 in the Top Latin Albums. She was able to put her name as a Grammy nominee for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album.

“Ojo Por Ojo” is the first single featured in her latest album. The music is noted to have stunning visuals and eccentric videography directed by Andy Gutiérrez and is now available on YouTube. The much-awaited promotion of the “Donde Todo Comenzó” has been brewing for quite some time now. Known for being the first Ranchera studio album as a singer-songwriter, the collection is directed and produced entirely by Alicia Villarreal.

As one of her stops for the exciting expedition scheduled for more than 50 cities, Alicia Villarreal will return once again at the McAllen Performing Arts Center. Villarreal is more than excited to meet her fans and more, so mark your calendars this September 7 for a Saturday night you wouldn’t forget. All that and more from the artist as she delivers a grand performance from one of the biggest solo careers in the country!

Alicia Villarreal at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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