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McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas

Ana Barbara

Rancheras, heartbroken pop, and one of the most iconic singers of the last 20 years … what’s not to love, right? Ana Barbara is making her way to the McAllen Performing Arts Center on Saturday, the 28th of September, 2024. This performance is going to be part of her Reina Grupera tour, which will see her visit plenty of US cities. It had been a while since Ana Barbara went on such a long tour. There’s no question that people from both sides of the border are eager for this one.

That’s especially the case if you were a fan of gruperas and ranchera music in the early to mid 2000s. Many of those teen boys had a massive crush on Ana Barbara. Today, it’s a concert that you could take your friends to or even your significant other. She probably won’t get that jealous. Especially if you hit the get tickets button soon and get good seats!

Ana Barbara has done a little bit of everything throughout her career. She got her start in beauty pageants in the late 80s actually winning a contest in 1989 in her home state of San Luis Potosi. It wasn’t long before the acting world came calling. Around the same time, she started her music career. She was one of the faces of the female grupero movement since the 90s and into the 2000s.

Most of the songs that people know her for are from that mid-2000s era, where she was at the top of her game both in her music career and just as a celebrity in general. Part of her music career are her colorful, sexy outfits; she still plays into that even at this point in her career. Ana Barbara is going to look exactly as you remember her from your teen years! That’s a massive compliment to this lady who’s still doing her thing out on tour.

You know, the songs that are going to get the crowd going on that night! She might start out with “Loca”, that’s been one of the songs that have had staying power even now on TikTok and things like that. “Bandido” is another one of those songs that can get some of the ladies in the crowd in their feelings. Some of the guys are also going to get emotional and sing their hearts out, but they might be a little more shy about it! Do yourself a favor if you’re going to be out at the McAllen Performing Arts Center on the last Sunday in September; let yourself go! Everyone knows you know the songs, and you want to sing them out loud. Don’t let any of that macho culture get to you!

What are the best seats in the house at the McAllen Performing Arts Center to see Ana Barbara on Saturday, September 28th? Obviously, if you’re right next to the stage, you’ll be able to see her up close and personal. That may be a childhood dream of some of those in the crowd that night. If not, the first row on the different levels always gives you more space to get up and dance. In any case, click the get tickets button to make sure you don’t miss out.

Ana Barbara at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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