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McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas


Fans of Spanish hip-hop are going to be descending on McAllen, Texas, for this event. Guadalajara’s own C-Kan is taking his “Cualquier Parecido con la Realidad” tour to the McAllen Performing Arts Center on Saturday, 27th July 2024. C-Kan has been one of the most influential names in the Mexican hip-hop scene for years. His popularity has certainly spread north of the border, and that’s why he’s on such an extensive US tour in 2024.

It’s going to be a full-on Mexican rap concert on display in McAllen on that last Saturday in July. The perfect opportunity to bust out your “cholo” outfit that you may have in the closet and head over to the Performing Arts Center with some friends.

Neto Peña will be joining C-Kan on stage as well. Peña, C-Kan, Yoss Bones, and basically all the warm-up acts have collaborations together. Expect the show to be more of a rap fest, with each of the performers appearing on stage for different songs. Neto Peña has always been known as a Mexican rapper with deep lyrics.

Yoss Bones will also make an appearance on stage in McAllen. She’ll likely rock the stage with Neto Peña for “Sin Ti” and “Sientelo.” These two have collaborated quite a few times. As mentioned, the whole show is going to be an ongoing rap battle in a way. Where you can expect these performers to come on and off the stage as they please.

Toser One’s a bit of the wildcard of the opening acts. He’s also worked under the wings of Santa Fe Klan. While that popular rapper isn’t expected to be on stage in McAllen in July, plenty of his songs might be playing that night. Both Yoss Bones and Neto Peña have songs along Santa Fe, as does Toser One. By the time C-Klan hits the stage, these three will have gone through great tracks!

If you want to catch one of the best Mexican rap concerts in recent memory, be sure to click the get tickets button. It’s shaping up to be a wild night at the McAllen Performing Arts Center on Saturday, 27th July 2024.

C-Kan has been one of the faces of Mexican hip-hop for years. The movement itself, though, had usually been in the shadow of the more popular Mexican corridors or regional music. By the way, if you’re headed to the show in McAllen in late July, don’t expect to see too many accordions playing. This is going to be more of a rap battle than a norteño concert! In any case, C-Kan, along with the aforementioned Santa Fe Klan and others, have been able to lead this resurgence of Mexican hip-hop that was dormant since the heyday of bands like Molotov, who had more of a rock influence.

At all C-Kan shows, “Por Mi Mexico” is the song that gets people the most pumped up. Even though McAllen is very close to the border, you can expect this track to bring some nostalgia to many in the crowd. It’s going to get plenty of screams as the notes start to hit. When the track drops with “Soy Mexicano esa es mi bandera” the sing-along is going to reach its climax. You’ll want to make sure that your boys tag along to this show. As mentioned, one of the cool things is that pretty much everyone that’s going to be on stage that night has a role in one of the other performer’s songs.

What will likely happen is that Yoss Bones or Toser One will hit the stage first. Then you’ll start seeing Neto Peña creep until we get the big reveal for C-Kan, who’s headlining. All this is going to build that anticipation, and when these guys drop their beats, the crowd’s gonna feel it!

Let’s be real: when they opened the McAllen Performing Arts Center, they were not expecting artists like C-Kan to headline there. As an audience member on that late July night, though, that makes the experience even more memorable. You’re at a formal venue where some of the country’s top classical music performers play. Having a beer with your buddies after the carne asada tailgate, and all of a sudden, you hear, “Soy Mexicano esa es mi bandera!” If you want to live out that scenario, be sure to click the get tickets button. It’s going to be an electric night in McAllen!

C-Kan at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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