Disney Princess – The Concert at McAllen Performing Arts Center

Disney Princess - The Concert Tickets

McAllen Performing Arts Center | McAllen, Texas

Thursday 20th October 2022 (Rescheduled from Monday 7th February 2022) is one for the diary, because Texas, McAllen is about to hold a event that will knock your socks off. Yes Disney Princess – The Concert is coming to the incredible McAllen Performing Arts Center for an incredible show just for die hard fans like you! Disney Princess – The Concert – known for bringing musical performances to life, with breathtaking stage presence and energy is already creating a stir amongst fans for the big show!

This is bound to be another sold out event so book your hotel, book your transport and most importantly, book your tickets! Click buy now to book your ticket today!

Disney Princess - The Concert at McAllen Performing Arts Center

Do you love the feeling you get when attending awesome concerts? Pretty great right? Well we know the place to be for all the greatest concerts around! McAllen Performing Arts Center has hosted some of the biggest events in the country and its known for its ability to house a very large capacity of visitors. Polls have said that McAllen Performing Arts Center, McAllen, Texas IS pretty much the greatest place for massive events in the state, which is ideal because guess what MEGABAND is coming to McAllen, Texas this winter, 2022? Well who else!? The magnificent Disney Princess – The Concert and goodness me this is PURE talent, absolutely world class! February is looking pretty exceptional for attendees already! Is There something on your mind that needs sorting TODAY? You guessed it, go purchase a bunch of tickets for Disney Princess – The Concert! Put Monday 7th February 2022 in the planner and just scroll up to follow the link! you wont regret it!

Disney Princess - The Concert at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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