Jose Madero at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas

Jose Madero

It’s time to brush up your Spanish because you would want to be there when rock icon Jose Madero arrives in town! The Monterrey born sensation will be crossing over to the States to fulfill a series of rip roaring gigs, collectively known as the En Directo! This trek covers 11 territories, but more importantly it will make its ways to McAllen, Texas! This is your opportunity to experience Madero’s terrific set at the McAllen Performing Arts Center as he belts out his illustrious titles, including “Plura Siendo Singular,” “De mi De mi De mi,” “Cerraron Chipinque,” and countless others! All this is yours to enjoy on Saturday 29th June 2024 if you secure passes early! This show is currently one of the most sought after Latin rock spectacles of the season and it’s no surprise that tickets are moving very fast! So if you’re keen on seeing one of Mexico's top rock exports, this is your moment to score some passes!

Nobody does Mexican rock like Jose Madero! This head bang worthy super star has basically become the face of Central American rock, having dipped his talent into various techniques from pop punk, to folk, alternative – you name it, he can do it! This 2024, he’s making his way to the States to showcase his amazing body of work. Madero’s 11-date outing has carefully selected his best territories – these are cities that have the most public demand. Much like McAllen, Texas, where his fans are pumped to see the rock icon belt out his fantastic hits. As this mighty talented powerhouse conquers the McAllen Performing Arts Center, fans are looking at a brilliant rock riot. Madero has recently come out with a number of new titles, such as “Rey Ahogado,” “Sarajevo,” “Dia de Mayo,” and “Te Soñe.” Aside from fresh material, Madero is also expected to belt out a number of crowd pleasers from his groundbreaking efforts, Giallo, Psalmos, and his career-defining debut work, Carmesi.

Look out for high powered energy from Madero as he covers his plentiful setlist. His previous shows have reportedly served more than what was expected from the rock legend. For instance, one of his spring setlists covered a variety of hits - new and old. But the show stealer was his remarkable rendition of a PXNDX hit!

When it comes to time and tested rockers, Jose Madero is pretty much up there in the Latin rock circuit. Having been around since 1996, this prolific rocker has been responsible for countless hits. First, he conquered the world with head bang worthy staples from his former band, PXNDX. Together, they belted out some sensation rock riot numbers, including “Los Malaventurados No Lloran,” “Procedimientos para Llegar a Un Comun Acuerdo,” and “Cita en el Quirofano.”

Ultimately, you will definitely not be disappointed with Jose Madero’s thrilling selection. The show will surely be one of the most memorable rock spectacles you’ll ever see this season! Be sure not to miss out! Jose Madero’s tour in the U.S. has been a long time coming and catching him live is a now or never situation!

So score tickets now just so you won’t miss out on this chance to see the rock legend tearing up at the McAllen Performing Art Center!

Jose Madero at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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