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McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas

Chris D'Elia

Comedy night at the McAllen Performing Arts Center is ramping up! Chris D'Elia is headed to the border town on his Straight Out of the Multiverse tour. He’ll be here on Thursday, the 5th of September, 2024. This is a date that you’re not going to want to miss.

Chris D'Elia is going to be accompanied by Bryan Callen on the night. The types of things that both of these guys talk about seem unreal sometimes. It’s like you really can’t believe the amount of awkward situations that they’ve put themselves in through the years. Then again, that’s what makes them two of the funniest acts in comedy. They probably put themselves in compromising situations on purpose.

Expect the entire show to feature laid-back comedy, everyone’s going to be able to have a few laughs. Anywhere within the McAllen Performing Arts Center is a good spot to see a comedy show. However, this may be one of the shows that sell out the fastest this season. Click the get tickets button today!

Chris D'Elia has always described himself as a stand-up comedian who acts. Unfortunately, his acting career has taken major hits in the last few years, thanks to his legal troubles. Many networks started to drop content related to him, and he lost a few shows that he was cast in. This situation has forced D’Elia to retreat back into the comedy scene as well as podcasting, leaving his acting career almost entirely. As a fan of the comic, that may actually be a good thing. It means that he’s had a lot more time to work on his material for this Straight Out of the Multiverse tour.

D'Elia has always been known for his great delivery and the way that he delves into his situational comedy bits. There’s no question that his looks have also helped him out! With all of the things that have gone on in his life in the last four years, it may be the perfect time to go see one of his shows. There are a ton of situations from which he could pull material. Fans love to hear him talk about his relationship with Justin Beiber and other celebrities, though. There may be some of that on this night in McAllen.

If you’re going to be in the crowd to watch Chris D’Elia, heckling him may not be the best idea. He thrives in these situations and gets the audience behind him quickly. Any scenario where he has to go off-script, though, can make the show all the more enjoyable. Therefore, if someone at this show in McAllen wants to try and get their 5 minutes of fame, it could be a great moment for the rest of the audience.

The McAllen Performing Arts Center is a great venue for comedy. It’s not such a massive theater to where you’re going to lose sight of what’s happening on stage from anywhere in the crowd. If you want to have the chance to pick the section where you want to sit, click that get tickets button today! Chris D'Elia is on a rather limited tour. Fans of his from other parts of the country may want to drop in to see this show.

Chris D'Elia at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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