Cristela Alonzo at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas

Cristela Alonzo

She’s not just Latina power - she’s also Texas’ pride! There is no holding Cristela Alonzo down! She’s a wittingly charming personality, someone whose laugh is louder than her audiences. But with a comedy material so excellent, who would blame her? Now, Texans are to have an absolute blast seeing Cristela Alonzo’s brand new material for Upper Classy this fall! She’s hitting over 20 cities with multiple dates per territory and lucky for fans in McAllen, Alonzo will drop by the McAllen Performing Arts Center! Watch out for Alonzo’s unique comedy style, a mixture of unprecented storytelling, hilarious observations, and razor sharp wit - it’s bound to have you laughing non-stop! She’s pretty much breaking barriers and paving the way for Latina comedians across the country and now that she’s on her massive outing, she’s bound to bring in audiences from far and wide! So be sure to secure passes to her McAllen stop by clicking on the Get Tickets link now!

Just who is Cristela Alonzo and why is she a big deal?! For starters, the lady is the first Latin to come out with her own network, and write and produce her own show Cristela. After the show’s culmination, she moved on to delivering her own Netflix special and guest appearances in various shows and films. More importantly, Alonzo continued to serve brilliant stand-up comedy across the U.S. and beyond. Her unique bits have brought in a massive and loyal following, especially the Mexican-American audiences. But having a tough upbringing and being a family woman, her stories remain highly relatable for all types of audiences. Ultimately, it is her remarkable material and immense likability that has brought her much succes.

This 2024, Cristela Alonzo is anticipated to serve brilliant comedy as she makes her way over 20 cities. Most of her stops have multi-night performances. With a new Netflix comedy special and massive amount of streams, Alonzo is expected to be 2024’s it girl of Latin American comedy. Now fans can anticipate her brand new jokes for the Upper Classy Expect jokes that pack a punch, and punchlines so funny that you might just fall off your chair! It’s certainly no exaggeration because Alonzo is no stranger to have entire audiences erupting in great laughter.

A former manager of an improv joint, Cristela Alonzo has always been meant to be on the big stage. After years in the local comedy circuit, she has risen from the ranks with her incredible wit and talent. It also helped that Alonzo had years of honing her skills delivering comedy in Dallas clubs. Lo and behold by 2006, she had finally scored her big break when she secured a 30 minute performance at Comedy Central. She also hosted some high profile shows including the Legends of the Hidden Temple and Is It Cake?

Don’t miss out! Give yourself a break and enjoy some great laughs with friends when you bring them to the Cristela Alonzo’s Upper Classy Tour! Hurry and secure passes now to her show at the McAllen Performing Arts Center. It’s guaranteed to be a thrilling laugh riot and you would surely regret it if you missed it!

Cristela Alonzo at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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