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McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas

Deborah Case Dance Academy

Behold ballet in its most breathtakingly expressive form on Saturday, 18th of May, at the Deborah Case Dance Academy’s 2024 Spring Recital LIVE at the McAllen Performing Arts Center! Year after year, the prestigious Midwestern school of dance has enthralled audiences far and wide with its marvelous productions, and soon, it will present its BIGGEST event yet to conclude the season of blooms. Through the distinguished Russian Vaganova method, the Deborah Case Dance Academy imparts upon its students the teachings of Marius Petipa as well as traditions of the French romantic era and Italian Cecchetti. Witness these principles come to life as the show’s ballerinas move with flawless grace and impassioned technique — each serene step in perfect unison with one another. The future of ballet is in good hands (and feet), so sink into your seats and let yourself be captivated by this rousing recital in the world-class comfort of the McAllen Performing Arts Center. Buy your tickets today!

Bask in the blissful wonder of ballet brought to you by some of the country’s brightest young talents! Bookending 2024’s season of buds and blooms, the Deborah Case Dance Academy’s annual Spring Recital will grace the spotlights of the McAllen Performing Arts Center this Saturday, 18th of May, welcoming fans to witness the future of dance LIVE on stage.

For over forty years now and another forty years more, the Deborah Case Dance Academy has strived to be a shining beacon for the performing arts in the Midwest, founded by the titular winner of the prestigious Woman of Distinction Award in Arts and Entertainment from the Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

This world-class institution fosters aspirants of all ages from 3 years and up through the application of Agrippina Vaganova’s methods, combining the principles of the legendary Marius Petipa with elements of Italian Cecchetti and romantic French traditions. Now, these efforts from its latest batch of students will culminate into a show you’d be profoundly wise not to miss!

“I've been dancing here for at least five years and it’s just the best! This place is like a home away from home with one big happy family where we learn how to dance and get stronger and better every day. I love everything about this place, and I love dancing here even more.”

The Deborah Case Dance Academy’s Spring Recital for 2024 will feature the school’s most promising performers in elaborate back-to-back routines flowering with honest passion and impeccable technique. Watch each ballerina strike meticulous poise and precision in each step as they weave elegantly through the production’s rousing music, perfectly in sync with one another. This is ballet. In its purest form. In its rawest expression.

The iconic McAllen Performing Arts Center in the Lone Star State of Texas will once again set the space for this seasonal event, employing expertly tuned sound and light systems on stage, plus a stylish backdrop in full view from anywhere across its rows of 1,800 cozy seats.

Treat your family to a delightfully wonderful day celebrating the art of ballet in Deborah Case Dance Academy’s 2024 Spring Recital this Saturday, May 18, LIVE at the McAllen Performing Arts Center. Click the “Get Tickets” button above and book your reservations today!

Deborah Case Dance Academy at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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