Jesus Christ Superstar at McAllen Performing Arts Center

Jesus Christ Superstar Tickets

McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas

Jesus Christ Superstar

Step away from your screen and come see the famous 'Jesus Christ Superstar' live! It'll be one rocking night! In this biblical musical you'll experience a ROCKSTAR twist! This November it'll be showing at the premier place in the state for amazing shows like Jesus Christ Superstar.... the magical, the incredible, McAllen Performing Arts Center, Mcallen, Texas! Remember to write Tuesday 21st November 2023 into the diary and grab yourself some tickets now by following the link after scrolling up. You will NOT regret it!

The story of Jesus has been told many times but never quite like this! Jesus Christ Superstar is the rock and roll version of Jesus’ life as told on a Broadway stage. It features music that was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber with lyrics by Tim Rice for its first stage run in 1971. Since then this unsurpassed production has seen several revivals and has even been featured in films. And it’s easy to see why when you consider that Jesus Christ Superstar has been awarded several big name awards for music. And it has quickly become a well beloved part of the theater scene since that first run. And it’s back with the visionary director Timothy Sheader at the helm. And he’s bringing with him an all-star cast of Broadway’s finest names including Aarong LaVigne who takes on the challenging role of Jesus. It features all the original music and some of the best in modern day sound and lighting design to deliver a show that honors the original authorial intent while capturing the needs of today’s music lovers! So don’t miss out on this unsurpassed show. Because Jesus Christ Superstar may be the biggest show of 2023! You can order your tickets to catch this show on Tuesday 21st November 2023 at McAllen Performing Arts Center in Mcallen, Texas!

Jesus Christ Superstar at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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