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Mario Aguilar

Mexican comedian Mario Aguilar is coming to town! Performing right at the McAllen Performing Arts Center on Saturday, April 20, he's serving up a night of Ojo De Loca No Se Equivoca! Straight out of Tijuana, Baja California, the typical internet teen soon gained over a million followers on Facebook in just a year - it's all because of his hilarious videos depicting a typical Mexican mom, inspired by his very own mother. Approaching a decade since his viral breakout, the man soon became one of the world's hottest comics straight out of Mexico. Taking his new comedy show to North America, get ready for nights of hysterical laughter and relatable tales with Aguilar. His shows will surely strike a feeling of home. For the moms out there, you'll definitely be full of laughs as he cracks his jokes and witty tales. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

The Tijuana, Baja California native is hitting the stage! Mario Aguilar is taking his newest show - Ojo De Loca No Se Equivoca to North America, sharing his best jokes and relatable tales right at McAllen Performing Arts Center on Saturday, April 20. Soon to be a decade since his viral breakout back in 2015, his hilarious videos of a typical Mexican mother still strikes everyone's hearts. His relatable tales became a familiar feeling of home, cherishing hilarious memories and antics of Mexican moms. If you need a dose of hysterical laughter, this is the show for you!

Back in 2015, the young lad studying computer programming was working on a school project, and he noticed his female group mates shooting a video. He imitated them using a wig, and ended up posting it on their school's Facebook page, and the whole community reacted and shared it on their own walls. He soon became a viral comic. Within a year, his funny videos imitating Mexican moms allowed him to reach a million followers on the platform.

His videos featured typical Mexican mothers and the way they discipline their children. These stories and skits were extremely relatable among his viewers - and his audience couldn't get enough. In a conversation with El Paso Times, Aguilar shared that he initially didn't let his mom know of his viral fame... "She didn't know for a whole year until my sister told her. At first, when I was doing the videos in my room, she would walk in and ask me who I was talking to and I'd say, 'no one, just myself.' Eventually, she knew that I was recording a video and wouldn't walk in." Aguilar said, as translated from El Paso Times.

Coming from a big family of eight, he seems to understand what women go through, especially having grown up with sisters. Sharing close bonds with his sisters, classmates, and his own mom - Aguilar not only imitates instances he's seen, but understands why they possibly react that way. His tends to be strict, but it's all for his own good - and now, these relatable content!

His new show "Ojo De Loca No Se Equivoca" features four characters - the Dad, a Brunette, the Blonde, a Redhead, and of course, a Mom. The comic shares that it's about the stages that women go through in their lives, with a massive dose of singing, dancing, lights and a desire to live life to the fullest.

Don't miss out on Mario Aguilar's Ojo De Loca No Se Equivoca live at McAllen Performing Arts Center by booking your tickets now!

Mario Aguilar at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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