Melbas Dance 2024 at McAllen Performing Arts Center

Melbas Dance 2024 Tickets

McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas

Melbas Dance 2024

Discover the inner beauty of dance as the McAllen Performing Arts Center presents the Melba’s Dance 2024 Recital LIVE on Sunday, February 18th! After decades of unparalleled service, this esteemed institution in the Lone Star State of Texas continues to foster the future of the dancing arts through world-class instruction in the forms of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, folklórico, and more! In its biggest seasonal exhibition yet, the Melba’s Dance School proudly introduces the latest in line of their rising stars. Watch closely and be entranced by each troupe’s expressive movement, perfectly in sync with every member’s elaborate flourishes. Through passion and discipline combined, these aspirants have achieved a level of skill that even award-winning performers can’t help but admire. And with the McAllen Performing Arts Center’s avant-garde stage backdropping the event, you'll have a truly exceptional show to behold. Book your reservations now to see the much-awaited Melba’s Dance recital LIVE!

Surrender your undivided attention and become hopelessly enamored by dance as an art, a passion, and a revelation in this glowing seasonal show that EVERYONE’s dying to see! On Sunday, February 18th, all will welcome the Melba’s Dance School’s highly anticipated 2024 Recital, an exclusive one-day-only performance LIVE at the McAllen Performing Arts Center.

In the heart of Midwestern USA, Melba’s Inc. stands as one of the state’s most distinguished dance academies and studios, founded by the late Melba Huber — holder of both the prestigious Flo Bert and Savion Glover Awards. Under director Julie Doyle-Reyes, the institute offers world-class curriculums in several dance forms, producing high-caliber talents that have broken into the limelight of Broadway hits, including Funny Girl and Disney’s Newsies.

“The environment at Melba's is warm, kind, and enthusiastic. My daughter feels right at home when she’s there. She has learned so much from her teachers and developed lifelong friendships with other students as they’ve grown up dancing together throughout the years.”

Every February for a full half-century since its founding, the school’s very own McAllen Dance Theatre Performing Company presents a RIVETING variety show that they’re aiming to top in this forthcoming event.

Graceful discipline meets fiery passion in the elaborate excerpts drawn from ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, folklórico, and more — a flawless flow of finesse, technique, and pure, immaculate artistry. Together with the rest of their troupes, each performer expresses themselves with perfectly timed steps and flourishes. Precision and poise are tools of the trade, and you’ll find no shortage of them here among these promising young artists who will soon shape the new age of America’s dance culture.

All this is made possible in part by the tireless efforts of the following artists, instructors, and choreographers.
Lauren Flores
Susan Tristan
Margaret Leal
Veronica Leal
Cassie Femat
Anushi Parikh Buxani
Irais Rodriguez
Gabriela Rios-Rodriguez
Saylor Donnelly
Carmen Medina Solis
Camille Alvarez
Aimee Carreon
Miah Flores
Ava Garza
Victoria Grisham
Gabrielle Hernandez
Allyson Knobel
Aniella Olivarez
Adriana Trejo
Naileah Garza
Monica Carrales

Grow a deeper appreciation for dance on Sunday, February 18th, from the Melba’s Dance 2024 Recital LIVE at the McAllen Performing Arts Center! Preceded by a stylish avant-garde backdrop, this indoor venue will emphasize the performance with its atmospheric lighting and innovative acoustic engineering. Seats are filling up fast - book your reservations now!

Melbas Dance 2024 at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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