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McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas

Natalia Jimenez

What a great blend of musical styles is coming to the McAllen Performing Arts Center on Sunday, September 22nd, 2024. That’s when Natalia Jimenez will headline a show in the border town. Jimenez will be bringing her latest show, “Gala Mexicana” to the Performing Arts Center. You can expect to hear the famous Spanish singer’s rendition of some of the most popular ranchera classics. She might switch from the mariachi outfit to a more casual look when she interprets some of the songs from her pop career as well. That’s why there’s a warning about this show regarding the music styles that you could be encountering that late Sunday in September.

It could be a great experience to share with family or friends. The show captures the hearts of ranchera fans as well as people who follow Jimenez from her days in “La Quinta Estacion.” Click the get tickets button to be a part of the show.

The Madrid-born Jimenez has transformed herself into a bit of a modern version of the legend Rocio Durcal. In the sense that she’s able to use her impressive voice still with that hint of a Spanish accent to sing some of the classics in Mexican ranchera music. In her show “Gala Mexicana” which she’ll bring to the McAllen Performing Arts Center, you can expect her to sing a song like “Amor Eterno.” That’s a Juan Gabriel song that was made popular by Durcal. The set list on this night can vary a ton from what Jimenez has been doing on another tour that she’s on.

This is actually a very interesting situation that’s taking place with Jimenez. What she’ll bring to McAllen is the aforementioned “Gala Mexicana” concert. Expect to see the mariachis on stage with her singing the classics. She’s simultaneously doing a show called “Antología 20 Años Tour.” For that show, her latest concerts have started out with all the popular “La Quinta Estacion” songs. She opened with “Donde Irán” and moved through “Tu Peor Error” and “Me Muero” amongst others. This is a special show that she’s putting on throughout different US cities to commemorate Mexican Independence Day.

The biggest question that you may have for the night might be, will there be pop? Will you hear “La Quinta Estacion” songs? Truth be told … you have to make your way to the McAllen Performing Arts Center on that Sunday in September. The set list for this show hasn’t been published yet! That’s actually a good thing to go into a concert in the blind. Everything is going to be a surprise on that night.

All four levels of the McAllen Performing Arts Center are going to be open for the Natalia Jimenez concert. That means that there’s going to be something for everyone, which is always a good thing. If you’re a big fan of the Spanish star, then be sure to get your tickets near the front. Maybe you and your partner just want to check out the show, but not pay top dollar. No one’s judging! Pick the seat that fits you best. You’ll see the stage and hear the music perfectly from anywhere in the house. Just make sure to hit the get tickets button so you don’t miss out.

Natalia Jimenez at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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