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McAllen Performing Arts Center | Mcallen, Texas


McAllen, Texas, are you ready to send your ex “A Chillar a Otra Parte” or maybe with the explicit version of the song that the fans of Pesado love to sing? You know what’s coming, and you’re not gonna wanna miss out. Pesado is headed to the McAllen Performing Arts Center on Friday, the 20th of September, 2024. The band is celebrating 31 years in the music industry, and they're doing so with a new album out now called “Te Amare.” Typical of this band, they put a really romantic name on the album and then come out with a single called “Llegaste Tarde.” They’re going to be playing all of their classic hits that the fans love to not only sing but scream along to.

It’s an emotional night that’s going to take place at the McAllen Performing Arts Center on Friday, September 20th. If you want to be there to see one of the best norteño bands of all time, click the get tickets button today!

It’s hard to believe that Grupo Pesado have been active for 31 years! Part of that is the fact that they’ve remained very relevant in Mexican regional music throughout this entire time. They’re not a band that’s just on tour singing the classics. Every two years or so, they put out a new album, and it’s been that way since their full debut album, “Eso Me Gusta” in 95. What’s really cool about this sustained success over the years is that they’ve been able to “collect” fans from different generations. Some people may have picked them up in 2004 with “Ojala Que Te Mueras” or a few years later with “Gracias Por Tu Amor.” They sing to love and love lost, but their longevity means that on this Friday night in McAllen, you’ll be able to find people of all ages enjoying the show!

Who’s the perfect “date” or partners in crime for a Pesado concert? Sure, they sing about love, but most of their hits are the songs that you sing to your ex when you’re still super hurt. It’s never a good time to break up, but if you do so right around this September 20th date, “A Chiilar a Otra Parte” is just gonna hit differently. Amidst the pain that you may be feeling, having the chance to scream it all out at the Pesado concert will be the bitter-sweet moment you never knew you needed. Bring a friend, maybe that girl or guy friend your ex was always suspicious about! That’s gonna burn them more than when you send them videos of you at the concert after a few beers. By the way, Pesado are promising good music, beer and dancing on this night!

You know now that Pesado promised that you were going to be dancing on this night! There’s only one problem: there’s not too much space between the seats at the McAllen Performing Arts Center. That means not a lot of room to get up and dance. If you can find a spot in one of the front rows in any section or near the aisles, those may be the best seats of the night. The stage, you can see perfectly from anywhere, and the music you’ll be able to hear clearly from across the highway, so no issues there! Click the get tickets button and get ready for a memorable night.

Pesado at McAllen Performing Arts Center

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